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First IVF center in the Balearic Islands since 1985

Founded by a multidisciplinary group of professionals united by a common goal: the treatment of the infertile couple.

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Since 2004, our centre has been located at the Palmaplanas Clinic, Cami dels Reis 308, Palma de Mallorca.

Call (+34) 971 918 045 for an appointment.

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There are many couples with fertility problems who can not get pregnant with their own gametes and need to use an egg donor. Egg donation does not affect your future fertility, and allow another woman to be a mother.
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At CEFIVBA, we are proud to offer all the latest techniques in assisted reproduction, always paying special attention to offering a personal, confidential, friendly and relaxed atmosphere for our patients.


Balearic In Vitro Fertilization Centre, CEFIVBA, was founded in 1985 by a group of professionals from multiple disciplines who were brought together by a common objective: to provide an integral and complete treatment for sterile couples.

Reproduction techniques began in October 1985, and the first pregnancy was obtained that same year. The birth took place on August 2, 1986. This historic event for medicine in the Balearic Islands made the region a pioneer in the use of new assisted reproduction, as it was the second autonomous region in Spain, after Cataluña, to successfully obtain a pregnancy via In Vitro Fertilization in the private medicine sector, at CEFIVBA

All this was possible thanks to the enthusiasm and the foresight of the founding members of CEFIVBA: R. Calafell, S. Cañellas, B. Darder, J.A. Ferrer, M. Rossello, J.J. Salva and C. Viader.

The year 2010 marks 25 years of permanent presence in infertility treatment. We have currently hired a group of young and highly qualified specialists, who bring fresh ideas and an innovative spirit to the centre’s wide experience.

Artifical Insemination consists in depositing sperm in the patient’s uterine cavity during ovulation. Before insemination the sperm is prepared in the laboratory. It is a simple procedure which requires no more than a normal gynaecological examination, and the results depend on the characteristics of the semen and the couple’s clinical diagnosis


In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET)

In Vitro Fertilization is an assisted reproduction technique, which consists in joining female gametes (mature oocytes) with male gametes (sperm) which are previously prepared in a laboratory to ensure the oocytes are fertilised.


The aim of cryopreservation of semen it the conservation of semen samples at low temperatures (-196ºC) in liquid nitrogen to be used later for Assisted Reproduction.

The CEFIVBA Sperm Bank has frozen seminal samples for the following objectives:


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The assisted reproduction unit CEFIVBA is located in the Clínica Quiron Palmaplanas, Camí dels Reis 308, Palma.

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