For several reasons there are many couples with fertility problems who cannot get pregnant with their own gametes and need to turn to an egg donor to fulfil their desires of having children.

Egg donation, apart from being a gesture of solidarity and generosity doesn’t affect future fertility and can allow another woman to become a mother.


Oocyte donors must fulfil the following requirements to be accepted:

  • Age: 18 to 35 years.
  • No personal or family history of hereditary diseases.
  • Not be a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Gynaecological examination with normal results.
  • Mental and physical health.

What does the procedure of egg donation involve?

If after the study you enter our oocyte donation programme, the procedure consists in controlled stimulation of your ovulation after and injected hormonal treatment lasting eight days. At the same time, an echographic and analytic monitoring is carried out to control the response of the ovaries to the hormonal treatment.

This way we know when the eggs are mature, and the extraction is planned for this time. A procedure taking no more than 20 minutes is carried out under slight sedation and with no need for hospitalization. It is a simple procedure which leaves no scarring and after one hour you can return home. We recommend staying off work the following day, but after that you can continue your life as normal.

According to the Assisted Reproduction Techniques Law, gamete donation is an anonymous and voluntary act, therefore the recipient cannot know the identity of the donor. Egg donation is an altruistic act and not done for profit. You have at your disposal a highly specialised reproduction centre which offers you the maximum guarantees throughout the egg donation process

Contact us on Phone 971 918 045 where will we give you more information and arrange an appointment to explain the process in detail and answer any questions you may have.

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