Who are we?

Since 1985 CEFIVBA has diagnosed and treated fertility problems, being the first Human Reproduction Unit on the Balearic Islands, founded by a group of professionals from multiple disciplines who were brought together by a common objective: treating sterile couples.

Reproductive techniques began in 1985, and the first pregnancy was obtained that same year. The birth took place on August 2, 1986, making this the first child conceived via In Vitro Fertilization techniques in the Balearic Islands, a landmark for the history of medicine on the Islands.

In 2004, we decided to move our reproduction unit to the USP-Clinica Palma Planas Hospital, which has more than 150 beds, Clinical Analysis, Nuclear Medicine, Pathologic Anatomy and ICU services amongst others, in order to offer out patients the best benefits not only thanks to our services, but thanks to improved technical infrastructure and security, as well as the support of all the centre’s general areas.

CEFIVBA a member of the following scientific associations:


From left to right: M. Rosselló, B. Darder, S. Cañellas, C. Viader, R. Calafell, J. Ferrer y J.J. Salvá.

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Who are we?