Gamete Donation FAQs

Can the characteristics of the semen or egg donors be chosen?

Race is a characteristic which must be chosen. With single women, the donor must be of the same race as the recipient. In mixed-race couples, the donor must coincide with one of the two members of the receiving couple. Other characteristics, such as height, hair and eye colour can be chosen.

Can a donor know the identity of any of the children born from Assisted Reproduction at any time? Can I know the identity of the donor?

Spanish legislation forces the donor to remain anonymous. Only ‘traceability’ is allowed, that is, the centre can provide the donor’s medical history, but never their identity.


What is an Informed Consent and why do I have to sign it?

The current law obliges Assisted Reproduction Centres to inform about the treatment they are going to carry out. The couple must sign the informed consent, where they certify that they have received complete and detailed information about the treatment which is going to be carried out. It is an obligatory legal requirement for all assisted reproduction treatment.

Can embryos be adopted?

Yes, embryo adoption is one of the treatments which we carry out at CEFIVBA. This is when couples have frozen embryos and they decide to donate them. Once they legal requirements are completed, these embryos can be adopted by a receiving couple.

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