Pregnancy FAQs

When do I know I’m pregnant?

Fourteen days from the embryo transfer or artificial insemination, depending on the chosen assisted reproduction technique, we carry out a blood test to diagnose a possible pregnancy.

Are the pregnancy and birth the same as if I had got pregnant naturally?

Once the pregnancy has been diagnosed, you must get an appointment with your gynaecologist for the first pregnancy visit. The pregnancy control and assistance during birth are exactly the same as if the pregnancy had been obtained naturally.

What diet should I follow during pregnancy?

We recommend a healthy, varied and balanced diet, containing meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, fruit and dairy products. Don’t use excessive spices or salt to prevent possible water retention. In any case, during the first visit, your gynaecologist will give you detailed recommendations about the diet you should follow during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Is it inevitable to gain excessive weight during pregnancy?

The weight you can allow yourself to gain depends on your height and other factors. In general, we recommend that you do not exceed one and a half kilos per month from three months onwards. With a healthy and balanced diet and the advice of your gynaecologist, you can avoid becoming overweight.

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