Reproduction FAQs

When should a gynaecologist specializing in reproduction be consulted?

Having regular sexual intercourse without protection over a year, 80 per cent of couples manage to get pregnant, while the remaining 20 per cent must consult a specialist to initiate a fertility study. If the woman is 35 or over, this study can be initiated after six months of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant.

What tests are required for a fertility study?

Mainly, we require a semen analysis, a blood test for hormonal studies, and if necessary, a contrast x-ray to test tubal permeability. Depending on the family and personal medical history of each member of the couple, other tests could be required to complete the diagnosis.

How should I prepare my first visit to the assisted reproduction clinic?

If you have already visited other specialists, we suggest you bring all the reports and test results you have. We also recommend that both members of the couple (if there is one) attend the first visit if possible.

How long does the study of an infertile couple take?

In a month, we should have completed all the tests needed for a diagnosis and to recommend treatment.

Can a couple who has undergone a vasectomy or tubal ligation benefit from assisted reproduction techniques?

With tubal ligation, thanks to microsurgery, we can rejoin the Falopian tubes or carry out in vitro fertilization.

In the case of a vasectomy, we can also rejoin the vas deferens, or with a testicular biopsy, discover if there is enough sperm to be used for in vitro fertilization.

After analysing the circumstances of each couple, we will decide which of the above options is most recommendable.

What is an Assisted Reproduction Clinic?

It is a medical centre prepared with a specialized human and material team which is authorized by the competent health authorities to carry out infertility treatments. This is the case of our Balearic In vitro Fertilization Centre, CEFIVBA, where we can offer all Assisted Reproduction Techniques.

Is there a waiting list? How quickly can treatment start?

At our centre, we do no have a waiting list and we endeavour to be permanently available. We promise to be able to start any Assisted Reproduction Technique within one month.

How can I know what days I am ovulating?

There are several products available at chemists to analyse urine on consecutive days and know which days you are ovulating. At our centre, with the ecographic tests which we carry out for the different treatments, we can know the days and even the time of ovulation.

How often should I have sex to get pregnant?

During fertile days, it is enough to have sex every other day to get pregnant. On a regular cycle of 28 days, we consider, counting from the first day of your period, the twelfth to the sixteenth days as fertile.

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