Single women who use fertility treatments in Spain and artificial insemination with donor sperm or ICSI, represent almost 40%

According to data from assisted reproduction clinics about 40% of women undergoing fertility treatments in Spain are single women.

Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) speaks of more than 1,500 women a year who choose to be single mothers undergoing artificial insemination with donor sperm or in vitro fertilization with donor semen. To these must be added the foreign women who use the Spanish health system.

In the same way sperm donation is used more by women alone than for indication of male pathology. Less than 10 years ago sperm donation was used in four out of five cases because the man of a heterosexual couple had fertility problems in their sperm. Today this trend has changed and sperm donation is requested mainly by heterosexual women who want to be mothers alone.

Homosexual women also have access to these techniques but the group of heterosexual women who decide to have a child alone through sperm donation are the overwhelming majority.

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