Sperm freezing

The aim of cryopreservation of semen it the conservation of semen samples at low temperatures (-196ºC) in liquid nitrogen to be used later for Assisted Reproduction.

The CEFIVBA Sperm Bank has frozen seminal samples for the following objectives:

  • To carry out Artificial Insemination with donor semen.
Insemination with donor semen: This procedure is prescribed in situations where there is a risk of transmitting hereditary diseases to descendants, complete incapacity of spermatozoid to fertilise (failure of ICSI due to the male), blockage of spermatogenesis and for single women.
  • Fertility preservation, by freezing the semen of men who are to undergo treatment which can reduce it or cause sterility (chemotherapy, surgery, vasectomy, etc.
Preventive sperm freezing: this consists in freezing and storing the sperm with reproductive ends, for example, freezing sperm for cancer patients.

  • For patients with normal sperm counts, it is enough to freeze 3 or 4 ejaculations. In samples which present pathologies, it is convenient to freeze further samples.
  • The sperm should be frozen before chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment begins, due to the risk of alterations in the chromosomes of the spermatozoids.
  • It is recommendable to use contraceptive methods for at least six months after chemotherapy treatment.
  • It is essential that the patient who is going to freeze his sperm sign the informed consent form, based on current legislation.
  • During an assisted reproduction treatment in which the male finds it impossible to provide a sample on the day the technique is being carried out.).

Congelación de Semen

Donor semen is chosen based on the blood group and the physical characteristics of the requesting woman or couple.


Before freezing it is necessary to carry out a blood test to determine the risk of infection from the semen sample.

A first sample of semen, is analysed and frozen to determine the number of additional samples which the donor must provide to obtain the sufficient number of spermatozoon to be frozen and used in reproduction techniques.