The importance of a survey of professionals in assisted reproduction.

Spain is one of the countries with higher rates of assisted reproduction interventions in Europe and yet dosen’t have an updated record for Assisted reproduction clinics and furthermore there is no census of embryology professionals.

This situation, in the Spanish economic context of the current crisis, may lead to diminishing the quality of care offered by these centers. There is no legislation to ensure continuity in the quality of these procedures.

For this reason, ASEBIR (Spanish Association of Reproductive Biology) CEFIVBA professionals belong and Aenor develop a standard for quality control, specific for assisted reproduction laboratory.

We are the third European country in relation to the number of assisted reproduction cycles and yet we do not have a specialty of Clinical Embryology, nor a record of over 700 professionals dedicated to this task, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.

Another gap is the absence of a donor registry. The law sets a limit of six children born to donors, but this record anyone can go different clinics and over again without knowing.

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